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Report shows workplace harassment still prevalent

Workplace harassment is still a major problem for workers in New Jersey and around the country. A report issued on June 20 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace showed evidence that the American workplace is still rife with gender and race-based harassment.

According to the EEOC report, there were around 90,000 workplace discrimination claims made in 2015. Nearly one-third of these claims contained allegations about some form of harassment. However, these numbers are not likely to reflect the real size of the problem because about 75 percent of people who experience harassment at work fail to report it to anyone.

Workplace harassment that is based on race or ethnicity is one of the most common forms of this type of conduct. The EEOC report notes that as much as 60 percent of workers may have experienced this kind of harassment. LGBT workers are also frequently targeted by harassment. According to one study, 41 percent of LGBT workers that were surveyed said that they had suffered from verbal abuse, physical abuse or vandalism at work. Half of transgender workers report being harassed at work, and 7 percent say that they have been physically assaulted in the workplace.

People that are being harassed on the job might want to talk to a lawyer and learn about the remedies that may be available. If the employee has followed the procedures about reporting sexual harassment or other abusive behavior but the situation hasn't improved, the next step could be the filing of a claim with the EEOC.

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