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June 2016 Archives

CFPB still has ongoing problems with discrimination

Some New Jersey workers experience workplace discrimination based on their statuses as members of protected groups at their jobs, despite federal and state laws that prohibit such actions. Workplace discrimination doesn't just occur in privately owned companies, however. It also happens within government agencies, as demonstrated by a report issued on June 21 by the Government Accountability Office.

Report shows workplace harassment still prevalent

Workplace harassment is still a major problem for workers in New Jersey and around the country. A report issued on June 20 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace showed evidence that the American workplace is still rife with gender and race-based harassment.

Death-penalty defendant sues former attorney for malpractice

New Jersey residents may be interested in a legal malpractice lawsuit that was recently filed in Boyle Circuit Court in Kentucky. The attorney who is being sued took over a death-penalty case for which her late husband had served as lead counsel before he was killed.

Judge dismisses Teresa Giudice's legal malpractice case

Teresa Giudice, star of the television show "Real Housewives of New Jersey" spent almost one year in federal prison after she and her husband both pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. According to Giudice, legal malpractice may have been responsible for her federal charges. Giudice claims that she suffered damages from her bankruptcy attorney's errors when inaccurate financial statements were filed and federal prosecutors built a fraud case against her.

DTSA extends the protection of trade secrets

Human resources professionals and employment law attorneys in New Jersey and around the country were likely aware that the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act went into effect on May 11. The law extends the statutory protection of proprietary business information and trade secrets, and both businesses and individuals who own confidential information covered by the act may file private lawsuits when this information is taken without their consent.

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