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Woman files employment law suit in New Jersey court

A lawsuit was filed in Superior Court in Gloucester County by a former employee of Woodbury Child Development Center. The whistleblower suit, filed in February 2016, alleges that she was terminated because she reported a fellow employee for theft. The suit seeks pay and benefits that would have accrued had termination not taken place. She had worked there since 2000 and served as an administrative assistant.

In 2014, she noticed unusually high charges on a Sam's Club card associated with the office. The charges were reported to supervisors out of concern that the charges could represent misappropriation of state funds. The director of the center was let go, but the woman continued to push the issue and asked the accountant why he never reported the irregular charges. She also alleged that he was in on the misappropriation. In 2015, a new director was hired, and the woman was subsequently terminated.

In the interim, she was cited for attitude issues and lack of productivity. Officially, the plaintiff was terminated for insubordination, but she claims that there were no prior disciplinary action taken against her in the previous 15 years. In addition to wrongful termination, the former employee's lawsuit says that the center violated the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act.

Those who have been let go by their employers for reporting wrongdoing within the organization may wish to pursue legal action for wrongful termination. Taking an adverse action against an employee for whistleblower activity is in many cases prohibited under federal and state law. An employment law attorney can outline the steps that an aggrieved former employee can take to seek damages.

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