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March 2016 Archives

Illegal workplace harassment and employee rights

There are many forms of workplace harassment about which both New Jersey employees and their employers need to be aware. When people are harassed at work based upon their protected status, their employers may be held to be civilly liable if they do not take the appropriate steps to quickly correct the problem.

Anthem sues Express Scripts, alleges breach of contract

Some New Jersey residents may be familiar with Anthem as a medical insurance provider in some Blue Cross- Blue Shield health insurance policies. It has been reported that Anthem has filed a lawsuit against Express Scripts, which is a company that acts as a pharmacy benefits manager.

The EEOC seeks to broaden Title VII

New Jersey professionals who have faced hostile work environments or discrimination may be pleased to learn that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed lawsuits against two employers asserting discrimination based on sexual orientation. The two actions mark the first instances of EEOC litigation revolving around sexual orientation. Legal observers say the cases may offer an indication of whether the commission can successfully augment the protections of Title VII anti-discrimination laws. The cases are also notable in that the conduct by the accused employers would have been illegal had it occurred for reasons other than sexual orientation.

Woman files employment law suit in New Jersey court

A lawsuit was filed in Superior Court in Gloucester County by a former employee of Woodbury Child Development Center. The whistleblower suit, filed in February 2016, alleges that she was terminated because she reported a fellow employee for theft. The suit seeks pay and benefits that would have accrued had termination not taken place. She had worked there since 2000 and served as an administrative assistant.

Workplace sexual violence remains underreported

No reliable statistics exist regarding sexual violence in the workplace, making it hard to address. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 43,000 rapes and sexual assaults occur in workplaces every year. However, New Jersey workers might be shocked that advocates against sexual harassment say this number is too low because many victims are too discouraged or scared to report the incidents.

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