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February 2016 Archives

Arbitrator increases NFL salary cap

New Jersey pro football fans may have heard that National Football League players will be earning more money when the 2016 season kicks off in the fall. The NFL Players Association has been campaigning for the league-wide salary cap to be increased, and the details of an arbitrator's ruling published on Feb. 23 indicates that it got what it was asking for.

Workplace romance policies help control harassment

New Jersey companies that want to limit sexual harassment in the workplace may find it helpful to start by examining the relationships between their workers. Policies that define what constitutes acceptable intimate relationships and behaviors are also good places to lay out what sexual harassment entails and take a firm stance against misconduct.

The difficulty with defining sexual harassment

While many New Jersey employers and employees may have an idea of what sexual harassment is, it is difficult to arrive at one accepted definition of the behavior that constitutes it. The definition of sexual harassment may vary by industry and company policy, with some fields more tolerant of behavior that would be considered problematic in a different work environment.

Employment law and violations in the workplace

A New Jersey employee may find that there are situations in which an employer's policies seem to be designed to keep a tight hold on company activities and culture. However, there may be instances in which such policies or requests could be in violation of an individual's rights. It is helpful to be familiar with these rights so that inappropriate policies can be addressed from the beginning.

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