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"What is legal malpractice?" Can be a definitional question

On those occasions when a client does not see the results that he or she was hoping for in a legal matter, or in some cases when the  client believes that the attorney has acted unethically or otherwise improperly (or in other situations failed to act), the recourse can be to initiate an action against the attorney for legal malpractice. Sometimes, though, the question of what actually constitutes legal malpractice can have a strong impact on whether the claim against the attorney is successful.

Helping New Jersey legal malpractice victims obtain compensation

If you live or work in Essex County, New Jersey, chances are that the only time you will consult with an attorney is when your legal rights and interests are in jeopardy, and you need advice and representation to protect them. Lawyers are held to high standards by their profession and by the public. 

What can you do if your lawyer does not zealously represent you?

No matter what the profession, it is unlikely that you will ever see a uniform quality among those who practice it. Just as there are top-tier doctors and accountants, for example, there are also those who can make you stop wondering where the saying, "buyer beware" originated. Particularly for occupations that require a high degree of education or training to perform effectively, one way to try to assure at least a minimum level of competence is through licensing standards. But even that is no guarantee of high quality.

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