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Dealing with harassment in the workplace

An individual in New Jersey who feels that they have been harassed or discriminated against in the workplace should take a few important steps to ensure that there is a better chance that harassment is adequately addressed. Thorough documentation can be crucial. This means noting the date and time for small and large incidents as well as collecting emails and other types of messages. Once the information is gathered, individuals should not hesitate to move forward with reporting the incidents. As the time between harassment and reporting lengthens, people may begin to question why a complaint was not filed sooner. Furthermore, witnesses may leave the company in the meantime.

Individuals need to turn over all their documentation to support their harassment claims. Corroborating evidence strengthens a claim, and having it all available in a timely fashion allows the investigation to move along efficiently. However, individuals should not expect an immediate decision. An investigation takes time and has to work with other people's schedules.

Individuals should also not have overly high expectations for an outcome. For example, terminating an employee is a serious step. The company may take action to stop the harassment that falls short of firing the employee responsible. Finally, individuals should avoid impulsive actions like quitting or emotional outbursts. Doing so will only paint them in a negative light.

An employee who has faced sexual harassment or other types of discrimination may want to speak to an attorney. While attempting to solve the problem within the workplace may often be a first step, if the workplace does not provide an adequate response, an individual might choose to escalate the case with a lawsuit. This may result in an individual who has been dismissed from a position being reinstated in that job, and that person might also receive compensation.

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