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April 2015 Archives

Verizon sued by ESPN over Custom TV plan

New Jersey residents may be interested to learn that Verizon is being sued by ESPN over its new 'Custom TV" programming plan. According to ESPN, Verizon violated its contract with ESPN by offering customers a new slimmed-down TV plan. However, a spokeswoman for ESPN has stated that the details of the breach of contract claims are unable to be revealed because of confidentiality agreements that the two companies have entered into.

Dealing with harassment in the workplace

An individual in New Jersey who feels that they have been harassed or discriminated against in the workplace should take a few important steps to ensure that there is a better chance that harassment is adequately addressed. Thorough documentation can be crucial. This means noting the date and time for small and large incidents as well as collecting emails and other types of messages. Once the information is gathered, individuals should not hesitate to move forward with reporting the incidents. As the time between harassment and reporting lengthens, people may begin to question why a complaint was not filed sooner. Furthermore, witnesses may leave the company in the meantime.

New Jersey man sues employer for obesity discrimination

The Mountain Creek ski resort and water park in Vernon is the object of a lawsuit filed by a former employee who claims that the company violated both federal and state discrimination laws. The man, who worked for the resort as a food manager for three years, alleges in his lawsuit that he was ignored for promotions and openly ridiculed because of his weight. With a body mass index over 40, the man, whose weight is over 300 pounds, meets the definition of morbidly obese set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Americans with Disability Act.

New Jersey landfill company faces civil lawsuit and grand jury

Strategic Environmental Partners, the owner of the Fenimore Landfill seized by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in 2013, is embroiled in two legal battles. One is a civil case challenging the state's confiscation of its property. The other is a criminal grand jury investigation. The lawyer for Strategic Environmental Partners said subpoenas have been issued to company accountants, former company lawyers and other witnesses.

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