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Woman awarded $25,000 in workplace harassment claim

A woman in New Jersey was awarded $25,000 in a workplace harassment claim she filed against a construction company. According to the plaintiff, she was subjected to both sexual harassment and racial slurs throughout her employment at Dane Construction. In addition to the award for the victim's pain and suffering, the construction company was ordered to reimburse the Division of Civil Rights for $31,000 in legal fees and pay a $5,000 penalty.

The plaintiff was hired by the company in 2008 to work as a secretary and bookkeeper. During her employment, the woman says that the company owner was aware that she was Chinese, that her husband was black and that she had a biracial son. However, a state Division of Civil Rights investigation that was completed in 2010 determined that the owner used the 'n-word" repeatedly in the woman's presence.

In addition to the racial slurs directed at African Americans, the woman says that an inappropriate comment was made about her 'oriental body." Although the woman complained about the comments to her supervisor, no action was taken to stop them. As a result of the hostile work environment, the woman says she had difficulty sleeping, became depressed and developed anxiety before quitting four months after she was hired.

A worker who has been subjected to this kind of treatment in the workplace has the right to seek monetary compensation. A lawyer may be able to help a plaintiff to assess the full extent of damages that they have suffered as a result of workplace harassment. A harassment claim may then be filed against the employer.

Source: NJ.com, "Court upholds $25K for N.J. woman subjected to 'n-word' in the workplace," Christopher Baxter, March 25, 2015

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