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March 2015 Archives

Woman awarded $25,000 in workplace harassment claim

A woman in New Jersey was awarded $25,000 in a workplace harassment claim she filed against a construction company. According to the plaintiff, she was subjected to both sexual harassment and racial slurs throughout her employment at Dane Construction. In addition to the award for the victim's pain and suffering, the construction company was ordered to reimburse the Division of Civil Rights for $31,000 in legal fees and pay a $5,000 penalty.

Insurance company accused of Hurricane Sandy fraud

On March 13, a New Jersey couple filed a lawsuit in federal court against their insurance company. The lawsuit stated that the couple may have been defrauded when they filed their Superstorm Sandy claim. According to the couple, the insurance company used their software to shortchange them out of their sales tax.

What can be done about sexual harassment in the workplace?

In New Jersey and throughout the United States, a large number of workers report being sexual harassed while on the job. Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the workplace, boundaries are still sometimes crossed. This makes it important for individuals to know what can be done in the event that they become a victim of sexual harassment.

Suing an employer for retaliatory actions

Employees have certain rights that are protected by law. Those rights include things like the ability time off work for pregnancy and protection from retaliation after reporting harassment, discrimination and unsafe work conditions. Employers are required to respect those rights. However, in some cases, employers could respond to the exercise of those rights poorly and might take against the employee.

Teacher files court case after being fired over Facebook posts

A U.S. District Court judge has allowed a New Jersey high school teacher to continue with her lawsuit that she had previously filed against her former employer. The teacher was suspended in 2011 for making anti-gay remarks on Facebook and has since been involved in two years worth of legal battles.

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