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September 2014 Archives

Determining a lawyer's competency in New Jersey

New Jersey residents who believe that their attorney did not adequately protect their legal interests in a case may have the option to file a legal malpractice claim. Such a claim can be filed for various reasons. For instance, if repeated attempts of communication with the attorney have yielded no results, then that may constitute grounds for legal malpractice. However, if there is a valid reason why an attorney did not contact a client, the issue could be resolved without resorting to litigation.

Understanding workplace sexual harassment

Most New Jersey employees know that they are protected against sexual harassment in the workplace, but there may be some confusion about the specifics of state and federal law concerning this issue. The Civil Rights Division of the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety defines sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination where a person behaves in an unwanted behavior toward another person. Employees may benefit from learning about how this law applies to the workplace and the steps to seek remedy for violations.

Tenant indicates plans to move from "Real Housewives" mansion

A Montville man has announced his plans to stop fighting a "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star from whom he has been renting a mansion. The real estate dispute was related to an attempt by the owner to evict the man due to breach of contract claims. The man was accused of not following through on an agreement to purchase the property for a reported price of $3.8 million.

Information and representation in employment disputes

New Jersey employment issues could affect both employees and employers, and it is important to have the assistance of someone with a proper perspective in facing litigation or filing a claim. Contracts, statutes and other issues can come into play as a situation is explored, and an understanding of employment law is critical for appropriate representation to be provided. In any legal case, both parties could be greatly affected by the outcome.

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