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August 2014 Archives

New Jersey judiciary employees claim sexual harassment in suit

The offices of the judiciary courts in New Jersey run just like any other business would. This means that anything that happens at other companies, including sexual harassment, can happen there. Case in point: a recent lawsuit alleges workplace sexual harassment by two former judiciary employees from Monmouth County.

New Jersey breach of contract claims part of Sandy legacy

When Superstorm Sandy hit the coastal towns of New Jersey in 2012, the short-term damage was apparent and widespread. However, it would seem to have a more long-lasting impact than might be expected, judging by breach of contract claims reports. One of those breach of contract claims is between a Carlstadt-based printing company and its insurer.

New Jersey breach of contract claims by businesses can be won

When businesses in New Jersey feel compelled to pursue breach of contract claims, there may be concerns about the cost of the lawsuit. However, it's important for companies to feel secure in the knowledge that the law may favor them if they have strong cases. For instance, their breach of contract claims could be against deceitful customers, as was the situation with a recent Garden State automobile dealership.

Employee from New Jersey settles wrongful termination suit

It is illegal to fire an employee simply because she becomes pregnant. In one wrongful termination suit that's finally come to an end in New Jersey, this is exactly what the plaintiff said occurred. The charges of wrongful termination and ensuing legal actions ultimately earned her a settlement of $55,000 as a result.

New Jersey interns facing sexual harassment have legal rights

When it comes to internships at New Jersey businesses, there's no doubt that they can be thankless positions. Long days of working, tedious tasks and little to no pay can make them tough to stomach; however, they are definitely worth it for students who want to gain the skills and contacts that internships can provide. With that being said, there is no reason for interns to suffer from sexual harassment. Unfortunately, many young people in intern roles may not recognize that they do have legal rights when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace.

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