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Sexual harassment affects New Jersey men and women

Though sexual harassment on the job has often been thought of as a problem faced by female employees, more male workers are bringing their own cases to light. This may be due to the fact that traditional societal barriers to men reporting sexual harassment have begun to fall in New Jersey, as well as around the nation. Thus, males can now feel free to call attention to this unacceptable behavior by colleagues. Sometimes, though, it may be necessary for them to go through the legal system to bring to light their experiences.

One New Jersey man who once worked as an investigator in Cumberland County is now suing court system workers, the state and the judiciary of the state due to what he contends was sexual harassment by his female coworkers that was allowed to continue. He asserts that the women "came on" to him during his nine month tenure at the workplace. Despite his rebuffs to his female colleagues' alleged advancements, he states that they continued to talk to him about inappropriate subjects and to compliment his physique.

The plaintiff claims that each week brought more harassment, which included both verbal and physical advancements. He also claims that when he reported the harassment to his superiors, his reports were ignored and ultimately brought about retribution in the form of lowered chances for advancement, nitpicking of his performance and belittlement. Eventually, he left his position due to what he says were emotional and physical ailments he says were brought on by the constant harassment.

To help support his claim of sexual harassment, the male worker says he thoroughly documented everything that occurred. He also filed a complaint through the EEO/AA office; he says he never heard any word of its progress. If he is able to prove that he was indeed the target of inappropriate on-the-job behavior at the hands of female colleagues, he could be awarded a financial judgment.

Source: nj.com, "Probation officer sues former Cumberland County colleagues, claims sexual harassment by female 'clique'", Joe Green, July 22, 2014

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