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July 2014 Archives

Sexual harassment affects New Jersey men and women

Though sexual harassment on the job has often been thought of as a problem faced by female employees, more male workers are bringing their own cases to light. This may be due to the fact that traditional societal barriers to men reporting sexual harassment have begun to fall in New Jersey, as well as around the nation. Thus, males can now feel free to call attention to this unacceptable behavior by colleagues. Sometimes, though, it may be necessary for them to go through the legal system to bring to light their experiences.

New York breach of contract claims can reach millions of dollars

Because all breach of contract claims are different, the financial remuneration involved in winning a suit can vary. Some breach of contract claims are for relatively modest amounts; others can be in the millions. One New Jersey case pending in Bankruptcy Court falls into the latter categor, and involves back pay that the plaintiff claims has been withheld by the defendant, a government entity.

Some New Jersey breach of contract claims end with employment

When a contract is breached, the victimized party may never again want to work with the entity that caused the breach. This is an understandable reaction, though it isn't always the case -- nor does it always make financial sense. Some breach of contract claims that are filed in New Jersey and end in favor of the plaintiff afford the opportunity for the plaintiff to once again work with the defendant. One of these types of breach of contract claims is when the claim is between organizations.

Breach of contract claims stand up, according to New Jersey court

Sometimes, those seeking breach of contract claims in New Jersey and/or other states run into snags during the process. At that point, they might choose to appeal their breach of contract claims to a higher court so they can proceed. This is what has occurred for business members of a nonprofit group who believe they are owed money from a company that is now bankrupt and have filed a federal suit.

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