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June 2014 Archives

Employment disputes in New Jersey can happen at government levels

Individuals at all stages of their careers and in all industries can experience employment disputes. In fact, one New Jersey city's acting manager is accusing those who hired him of now trying to get him fired due to his blowing the whistle on their "thuggish" and "mob-like" ways. His lawsuit incriminates many of his erstwhile colleagues, whom he says are major players in this prime example of white collar, high level, government employment disputes.

Former New Jersey City administrator alleges wrongful termination

The concept of wrongful termination can stem from many different origins, depending upon the individual who believes he or she was "let go" from an employer in an unlawful manner. Consequently, each case of alleged wrongful termination carries with it a burden of proof that is very specific to the incidents or actions that purportedly occurred. For instance, a former Business Administrator of the New Jersey city of Vineland claims that his colleagues sought illegal means to get rid of him, even though he was doing his job as expected.

Woman files sexual harassment claim against county

Being sexually harassed on the job in New Jersey can be demeaning for an employee. If the individual tries to fight for justice by complaining about the inappropriate treatment and then gets fired, this can feel like a slap in the face -- not to mention the pocketbook. One woman in another state is currently facing this unfortunate sexual harassment situation.

Settlement reached in New Jersey sexual harassment case

Sexual harassment can and does happen in all types of workplace environments, including organizations that provide emergency medical services. In fact, a New Jersey case settled recently after an EMT brought a lawsuit against her former employer. The suit alleged a number of sexual harassment incidents that she said led to her being suspended and then terminated.

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