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New Jersey man loses contract after sexual harassment claims

One New Jersey government isn't taking allegations of sexual harassment against one of its long-time contractors lying down. As a result of reports that the contractor, who had been with Ocean County for a decade, had sexually harassed an employee of the county, the man was let go. The contract relationship was terminated by a unanimous vote after the sexual harassment came to light.

The contractor, who has his own inspection and consulting service business in New Jersey, is said to have sent the county employee a number of explicit emails. The employee and her husband eventually sought legal recourse against the contractor. The couple is also suing one of the leaders at the county level, although it is not clear what is being alleged against that individual.

The contractor who purportedly sexually harassed her held many positions with the state during his time in business. There has been no report on what his response is to the allegations or the loss of his appointment. Similarly, the specifics have not been released to the public in terms of how the alleged actions came to fruition.

With a lawsuit already underway, it will be up to the parties to either settle the case or go to court. Many sexual harassment suits do wind up settling. In those circumstances, the individuals who are suing usually receive monetary compensation to offset any emotional and other damages that occurred due to the alleged sexual harassment. Additionally, both parties may be required to agree not to discuss the case in the future once a settlement agreement has been reached and accepted.

Source: ocsignal.com, "Explicit Email Costs Ocean County Contractor $150,000 Per Year Job The Shore News Network", , May 10, 2014

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