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March 2014 Archives

Part of New Jersey Ponzi scheme lawsuit involves fraud claims

As a new lawsuit claims, a $62 million New Jersey Ponzi scheme that had far-reaching repercussions for those who invested monies also involved fraud committed by lawyers. The fraud charges are just part of a wide net of corruption that has already led to some parties' guilty pleas and sentences. Thus, the new allegations are just another layer of the illegal financial structure that enabled a select few persons to become wealthy at the expense of unsuspecting investors.

Alleged self-dealing attorney arrested for grand larceny

When a New Jersey resident needs the services of an attorney, he or she trusts that the attorney will have his or her best interests at heart. If a self-dealing attorney who puts his or her interests above those of the client breaks that trust, the ramifications for the client can be significant. Sometimes, the attorney's conduct rises to the level of criminal activity, making the situation even worse.

New Jersey teen case includes breach of contract claims

The case of a New Jersey teen suing her parents may not be as cut and dried as it seems at first glance. In fact, some sources are contemplating whether her parents' decision not to pay for her college education could be considered a just reason for breach of contract claims. In this case, it would not be a written breach of contract, but the breach of an understood agreement between the parents and the daughter.

$20,000 settlement for sexual harassment of restaurant worker

Sexual harassment in the workplace seems to be featured on the news daily. Many New Jersey employers already have a sexual harassment policy in place. Employees may want to familiarize themselves with the contents of such a policy in order to know what action to take in the event of being a victim of such harassment.

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