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February 2014 Archives

New Jersey wrongful termination suit part of whistleblower case

Lawsuits can be incredibly complicated. For instance, one case can spawn another case, and so on. This is what occurred in New Jersey with a suit that began with a whistleblower who alleged wrongful termination. Now, the employer that is being accused of wrongful termination is countersuing by claiming the whistleblower and his representatives took documents illegally to prove their qui tam case.

Super Bowl show leads to New Jersey breach of contract claims

When most people think about the Super Bowl, they don't think about all the agreements that are put into place beforehand to ensure that the event runs smoothly. That's why some individuals may be surprised to learn that an alleged snag has led to breach of contract claims from the major of one of New Jersey's cities. His statement regarding the breach of contract claims is concentrated on the Super Bowl's halftime show.

New Jersey law protects pregnant women from wrongful termination

Throughout the years, many employees have been faced with discrimination at the workplace. Often, this discrimination results in wrongful termination for New Jersey workers. One form of employment discrimination has involved pregnant women, but they were not considered a protected class. Now, the Governor has amended to the law banning employers from discriminating against pregnant women.

JPMorgan sexual harassment lawsuit leads to big settlement

New Jersey readers may be following the case of the female employees of JPMorgan Chase & Co. who pursed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company. The sexual harassment lawsuit became a federal case and began from allegations that one of the company's offices fostered an improper work environment for females. The company will pay over one million dollars per the court orders and ruling.

New Jersey secretary awarded settlement for sexual harassment

By its very nature, a workplace should be a place of professionalism and respect, and providing a safe work environment for employees should be a priority. However, there are occasions when a workplace may no longer be safe for one or more employees. A former New Jersey school district employee experienced that first hand, and was recently awarded a settlement for her claim of sexual harassment.

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