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January 2014 Archives

Diplomatic immunity can snag New Jersey breach of contract claims

When breach of contract claims involve diplomats, another set of laws seems to often be at play. This can be difficult for those who are the victims in breach of contract claims, as they can have trouble getting their fair shake in court. This is something one woman from New Jersey discovered to her surprise.

New Jersey employment contract enforcement crux of complaint

When it comes to the topic of employment contract enforcement, it's important for every person to recognize that he or she should not have to endure intimidation or harassment on the job. That's innately part of the agreement between a worker and employer. Yet for one New Jersey teacher in Paterson, employment contract enforcement may be necessary to ensure that she does not have her personal rights violated.

Partnership disputes involve New Jersey electric cycle cofounder

When a business is formed and there is more than one founder, contratcs are written. These contracts help the partners determine how the business will be structured, and they also, ideally, help guide the partners should there be any issues down the road. In New Jersey, one co-founder of a company that created an electric motorcycle is embroiled in partnership disputes despite having documentation from the company's founding. The partnership disputes swirls around stock options for the other partners, but, as with most cases, it's quite involved.

New Jersey lawyer disbarred for fraud, faces prison time

When an attorney is involved in fraud, it's a sad day for every attorney who is committed to upholding his or her chosen profession. After all, clients deserve to be fairly represented, not taken advantage of. However, in one New Jersey case involving a West Orange lawyer, fraud is exactly what happened.

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