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New Jersey taco truck owner accused of wrongful termination

Tacos might be delicious to eat, but a worker at a New Jersey taco truck who says he was treated terribly by management, the image of the southwest treat leaves him cold. If he is able to prove his case of wrongful termination, among other claims, he could receive remuneration. After all, wrongful termination is, above all else, a breach of the contractual understanding between employee and employer.

The New Jersey case in point took place in Hoboken. There, the taco truck owner is accused of underpaying and overworking his worker, who is no longer in his employ. The worker states that he worked around 70 hours, sometimes 80, a week and was not given any kind of overtime compensation. He claims he was so exhausted some times, he ended up sleeping in the taco truck because he just couldn't leave. After a time, he decided to take action against his former employer.

His stated compensation amounted to about $615 each week during the time when he was a taco truck employee, which spanned an 8-month period from February to September 2013. Ironically, he stayed loyal to the taco truck owner until his alleged wrongful termination. The worker believes that he was fired because he lodged complaints about the hours he was working.

At this point, it will be up to the courts in New Jersey to determine whether or not the worker's wrongful termination claims will be upheld. In cases like this, it will be critical that all information be documented to prove the worker's accusations. Should he win his suit, he would be entitled to back pay, as well as other remuneration.

Source: nj.com, Taco hell: Lawsuit against food truck claims employee was overworked without pay, Kathryn Brenzel, Dec. 9, 2013

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