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December 2013 Archives

Breach of contract claims made against randy New Jersey realtors

It's tough for breach of contract claims to be any seedier than the one filed by a New Jersey couple. The couple claims that two realtors who were supposed to sell their home actually used the residence for illicit trysts. Consequently, the husband and wife's breach of contract claims are being heard, and the realtors are being investigated.

New Jersey taco truck owner accused of wrongful termination

Tacos might be delicious to eat, but a worker at a New Jersey taco truck who says he was treated terribly by management, the image of the southwest treat leaves him cold. If he is able to prove his case of wrongful termination, among other claims, he could receive remuneration. After all, wrongful termination is, above all else, a breach of the contractual understanding between employee and employer.

New Jersey employers can face Facebook wrongful termination suits

For New Jersey employers who think they can ask for employees' Facebook passwords, they need to think again. Unless they want to face possible wrongful termination lawsuits, they are being told to take a step back. According to a new state law, workplaces in New Jersey can no longer demand that personnel share information that would allow employers to get into their personal Facebook accounts. If a worker is fired for not handing over a password, a wrongful termination claim could be made.

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