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New Jersey county worker seeks employment contract enforcement

Mosquitoes may be pests, but it wasn't the insects that bothered one New Jersey county worker who was part of a commission to control the annoying little creatures in his locale. His complaint is that he was unfairly scrutinized by his superiors, who violated the terms of his working there. He is therefore seeking employment contract enforcement against the county, and within his claim for employment contract enforcement, he lists a host of unethical behavior he purports was aimed at him.

The worker states that, on a number of occasions in the past seven years that he has worked for the county, he has been placed under scrutiny in a way that his coworkers have not. His allegations continue by painting a picture where, despite the fact that he was an applicant for FMLA, he was expected to work overtime regularly. A grievance to his union was upheld when he first began to shed light on his unfair treatment. The final straw was when he was suspended from his work for a period of three days in June 2013; after that point, he filed suit against his employer and his direct supervisor.

His application for FMLA, which stemmed from neurological and behavioral medical conditions, went through in 2012. His superiors knew of his ADHD and severe headaches, yet he feels he was unfairly targeted. He also asserts that he was expected to perform duties that had responsibility, but was never promoted as he should have been.

As with any employment contract enforcement issues, the decision as to whether this New Jersey county worker has a viable claim and should receive remuneration will have to be determined after serious scrutiny. A quick perusal of the media reports on the case indicate that, if nothing else, he has documented his allegations well. Doing so is an excellent first step for anyone seeking legal recourse against an employer.

Source: nj.com, Gloucester County employee's lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination, harassment, Carly Q. Romalino, Nov. 14, 2013

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