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Like in New Jersey, wrongful termination of prison guards alleged

Two former prison guards at a prison run by a New Jersey corporation have blown the whistle on what they say were utterly horrible conditions for both staff and inmates at the facility where they worked. They are also suing the facility for wrongful termination, among other charges. In terms of the wrongful termination claims, they say that their opening up about their complaints led not to open discussions but to their firing.

The two females who are suing their prior workplace are alleging that the jail where they worked allowed inmates to sit in cells that were beyond filthy. They also have talked about purported waterboarding, especially of African-American prisoners. Additionally, they state that canines were allowed to roam around the facility and urinate and defecate as they wished.

In response to their claims, the New Jersey company in charge of the facility created what they feel was an even more hostile environment, stating that they were sensationalizing their claims. They were eventually let go from their work. Hence, they are seeking remuneration for their wrongful termination.

Whether or not the wrongful termination lawsuit will lead to a settlement or a judgment is yet to be seen. It will have to be decided after a thorough investigation into the former guards' claims, as well as the procedures the facility owners did or did not take after hearing of the allegations. This is not the first time that the New Jersey-run jail has been criticized by those who were either inmates or guards there.

Source: philly.com, Two Delaware County prison guards file bias suits, Mari A. Schaefer, Nov. 26, 2013

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