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November 2013 Archives

Like in New Jersey, wrongful termination of prison guards alleged

Two former prison guards at a prison run by a New Jersey corporation have blown the whistle on what they say were utterly horrible conditions for both staff and inmates at the facility where they worked. They are also suing the facility for wrongful termination, among other charges. In terms of the wrongful termination claims, they say that their opening up about their complaints led not to open discussions but to their firing.

New Jersey county worker seeks employment contract enforcement

Mosquitoes may be pests, but it wasn't the insects that bothered one New Jersey county worker who was part of a commission to control the annoying little creatures in his locale. His complaint is that he was unfairly scrutinized by his superiors, who violated the terms of his working there. He is therefore seeking employment contract enforcement against the county, and within his claim for employment contract enforcement, he lists a host of unethical behavior he purports was aimed at him.

New Jersey Toys "R" Us suit example of breach of contract claims

When talking about breach of contract claims, it's important to understand that the contracts involved can be for small amounts or for massive amounts. They can also be between commercial entities or individuals. In terms of the former type, a recent New Jersey example of breach of contract claims is between Toys "R" Us and an insurance carrier.

New Jersey arbitration: Car dealership settles for $66,000

Used car dealerships in New Jersey are required by consumer protection laws to inform potential buyers about a vehicle's history, which includes any damage. When a dealership violates these laws, it may have to address numerous consumer complaints, in addition to possibly paying penalties and fines. A Paterson used car dealership has agreed to go through a state arbitration process to settle consumer complaints after allegedly misleading customers about the condition of its vehicles.

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