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Sexual harassment allegations blast NJ Transit

Workers who endure sexual harassment on the job can't simply walk away from their experiences when the workday ends. In fact, this kind of workplace "bullying" can have far-reaching emotional consequences on the victim's everyday life. For one New Jersey Transit electrician, sexual harassment allegedly made his life miserable, and his working conditions unbearable.

Reportedly, the male electrician was constantly abused by co-workers who insisted that he was homosexual. The alleged perpetrators initiated inappropriate physical contact with him, created graphic drawings which were left for him to find, vandalized his work property and verbally abused him through taunts about his assumed sexual orientation. Fed up with his colleagues' misconduct after a two-year period, the NJ Transit electrician has filed suit against his employer.

It should be noted that before he decided to take legal measures, the electrician reputedly made his employer and local law enforcement aware of his sexual harassment claims. Through his attorney, he has stated that he feels the NJ Transit did not do all it could to take those claims seriously. Hence, he is seeking remuneration for the workplace abuse he suffered.

Cases like this one in New Jersey reveal the seriousness of sexual harassment in any kind of working environment. Additionally, it's important to note that the aforementioned victim apparently did not seek legal help until his problems became too difficult to deal with on his own. Though it is not unusual for victims to wait to take action, it can be a mistake; the longer they hold off taking legal measures, the longer they are forcing themselves to work in unacceptable conditions. Taking quick action by engaging the services of an attorney is a much better way to handle any similar situation.

Source: northjersey.com, NJ Transit employee alleges sexual harassment, Karen Rouse Staff, Sept. 5, 2013

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