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September 2013 Archives

New Jersey teacher vindicated in wrongful termination case

Whenever a case of wrongful termination results in a jury awarding the plaintiff more than three-and-a-half million dollars, headlines are certain to be made. That's exactly what has happened in the case of a New Jersey teacher who feels she has now been vindicated after being fired without due cause several years ago. The precedent for her claims of wrongful termination began several years ago while she was dating a co-worker at the Newark Valley school where they both taught.

Philosophy professionals outed for sexual harassment atmosphere

Careers in the field of philosophy have skewed noticeably toward males; in fact, it has become so obvious that it's a "man's world" that articles have begun to talk about the phenomenon. The crux of the issue for many women appears to be their allegations that sexual harassment against females is prevalent among male philosophy professionals. Their concerns are generally focused on philosophy jobs in academia, including at institutes of higher learning in New Jersey.

New Jersey musician charged in sexual harassment case

He may have been considered a child prodigy when it comes to his musical ability, but one 22-year-old New Jersey musician cannot use his innate abilities to get out of sexual harassment charges. The male music teacher, who has been teaching piano lessons, has been charged with a wide array of crimes against a female 16-year-old student. The alleged sexual harassment crimes occurred primarily at his office in Lincoln Center, although he also used cell phone communications.

Sexual harassment allegations blast NJ Transit

Workers who endure sexual harassment on the job can't simply walk away from their experiences when the workday ends. In fact, this kind of workplace "bullying" can have far-reaching emotional consequences on the victim's everyday life. For one New Jersey Transit electrician, sexual harassment allegedly made his life miserable, and his working conditions unbearable.

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