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New Jersey manager fired, possible wrongful termination

Many people pride themselves on being as fair as they can be. They often expect the same type of behavior from their peers, co-workers and employers. When they feel that there may be people being treated unfairly through discriminatory practices, they often want to do their part to correct the injustice. However, many people do not appreciate being accused of discriminating against a group of people. When the person being accused is an employer, an employee seeking fairness could find themselves being fired, and they could have cause for a wrongful termination claim.

A New Jersey woman, who was a manager at a local restaurant, is filing a claim against her former employers for being discriminatory toward certain race groups when it came to accepting employment applications. She states that she was told to disregard any applications she received that were from African-American people. She even goes so far as to allege that the owner did not want to hire them because he believed them to be unintelligent.

She made a report to her superiors, but she states that after she filed the complaint, she was let go from her position. She believes there was no reason for her termination as she had recently been complimented for being a good employee by the founder of the restaurant chain. She is currently seeking a lawsuit in order to gain compensation for lost wages and other damages.

As this woman's case shows, legal action sometimes must to take in order to correct workplace injustices. She may be able to gain compensation if her case for wrongful termination succeeds. Gaining information on New Jersey civil cases relevant to her situation could pay dividends as her case proceeds.

Source: clarionledger.com, "NJ restaurant franchise accused of discriminating hiring practices," Sergio Bichao, July 17, 2013

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