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June 2013 Archives

Men's Warehouse Inc. may have to fight breach of contract claims

Recent media reports are highlighting what may be a very public dispute between Men's Warehouse Inc.'s executive board and the company's founder and public spokesperson, George Zimmer. New Jersey shoppers who have favored this men's wear chain may be shocked to learn that Zimmer was fired from his position as chairman. No specific reasons have been given for his termination up to this point, but general statements have been made alluding to a power struggle between Zimmer and the rest of the board. This in and of itself may not be adequate reason to relieve Zimmer of his position, and may leave Men's Warehouse Inc. in a position to have to defend itself against breach of contract claims from Zimmer.

Dispute over fees, legal malpractice claim heard by court

Whenever New Jersey residents have to hire an attorney, they trust that the individual representing them will protect their interests. Many people have limited experience with the court system, and they do not know what they need to do to ensure that their claims are addressed.

Morgan Stanley exec's ex sues divorce attorneys for malpractice

When a lawyer does not hold his or her client's best interests paramount, the results of a case can be unfair. The job of an attorney is to protect a client's legal interests and to adhere to the standards of the legal profession while doing so. When attorneys have a conflict of interest or show some other sign of incompetence, the clients can suffer as a result.

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