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May 2013 Archives

FDIC wins legal malpractice suit involving bad real estate loan

We have previously discussed in this Newark Litigation and Appeals Law Blog that a significant number of legal malpractice cases stem from real estate transactions. Earlier this month, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation won a real estate-related legal malpractice lawsuit against a prominent law firm in Florida.

Study shows dangers of amusement park rides

It's that time of year when many New Jersey families take vacations. A number of children are probably pretty excited to get out to amusement parks and hop on roller coasters and other rides this season. A new study, however, might cause some concern for parents who are planning on taking their children to amusement parks or carnivals this summer.

Legal malpractice suit: lawyer's breach led to client's murder

As we frequently discuss in this Newark Litigation and Appeals Law Blog, residents of New Jersey should be able to trust their lawyers. You hire a lawyer to protect your interests, after all, so if that lawyer fails to meet the standards of practice in handling your case it can result in damages to you. When that happens, people have the right to file legal malpractice claims against their lawyers in order to recoup damages and hold them accountable.

Former Michael Jackson publicist files legal malpractice claim

In the aftermath of Michael Jackson's death, there have been a number of lawsuits and legal claims pursued. From disputes over the custody of his three children, to a wrongful death lawsuit against a concert promoter that is currently underway, to a recent child molestation claim filed against the late king of pop's estate--it seems that fame and controversy continue to follow Michael Jackson even after death. One lawsuit that has gotten a bit less press than these others is a legal malpractice claim filed by Michael Jackson's ex-publicist.

New Jersey concert promoter sues Nas for breach of contract

Anyone who has ever spent their hard-earned money to buy concert tickets only to have the concert suddenly canceled knows what an incredibly frustrating experience that can be. Concerts get canceled for a number of reasons--from the musicians becoming sick, to weather preventing travel to the concert's location. In some cases, contracts break down between the musicians and the venue or the concert promoter, which is apparently what happened with a concert that rapper Nas was scheduled to perform on New Year's Eve 2012.

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