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April 2013 Archives

Bill would void many non-competes in New Jersey

Many employers in New Jersey use non-compete agreements with some employees. Non-compete agreements generally stipulate than an employee cannot leave the company to go work for a competitor. Or, if the employee can work for a competitor, the employee cannot solicit his or her previous employer's customers. Such agreements might also state that employees cannot share company secrets with any competitors.

Business dispute: Shakira's ex sues her for $100 million

Going into business with family or friends can be a great experience. What could be better than being able to have your co-workers or business partners be people that you truly care about? While it can be great to work with family and friends to accomplish business goals, it can also lead to major problems. This is often, in part, because people fail to formalize business relationships when working with people they know well. For example, if you are going to hire your brother to do some work at your retail store, you might think that you do not need to spell out the terms of the deal in a contract--and that can get you into trouble.

Trademark disputes hit New Jersey restaurant business

Part of building a successful business is developing a recognizable brand. Whether you run a large corporation in a major city or a mom-and-pop shop in a small town, success often hinges on the ability of consumers to easily identify a business with great products and services. This is one reason that trademark law is important. Businesses often protect their names or logos by registering them as trademarks; this protects other businesses from using the same name for their products or services, and piggy-backing off of the positive brand you have built.

The most frequent cause of distracted driving may surprise you

Many New Jersey residents know how dangerous distracted driving is and they pride themselves on avoiding such dangers-they don't use cellphones behind the wheel for talking or texting, they don't get too focused on adjusting the radio, and they even keep their kids from pestering them from the backseat. Avoiding these types of distractions make for great driving habits. A recent study, however, suggests that many New Jersey residents may be guilty of distracted driving even when their cellphones are turned off and their eyes are on the roads.

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