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March 2013 Archives

Legal malpractice suit: attorney named wrong party in lawsuit

When people are injured in car accidents here in the Newark area, they have the right to hold negligent drivers responsible. This is generally done through a personal injury lawsuit and it allows victims to recover money for their related medical expenses, lost wages and other costs.

NJ lawmakers send governor bill on Facebook and employment law

Back in December we discussed some bills that were budding in the New Jersey legislature to address employers' inquiries into the Facebook accounts of their employees and job applicants. New Jersey's lawmakers have now passed an employment bill that would restrict employers' access to these Facebook accounts and it has been sent to Gov. Chris Christie's desk.

1 harassment suit against American Apparel remains in arbitration

Here in New Jersey, many businesses that face disputes are wise to handle them in mediation and arbitration rather than inside a courtroom. This is because resolving a case in court can be expensive as well as time-consuming. Of course sometimes it is necessary to go to court, but many times things can be taken care of with alternative dispute resolution.

Multimillionaire says divorce settlement due to legal malpractice

In many New Jersey divorce cases, the most contested issue is that of property division. Because New Jersey law requires a fair and equitable division of marital property, those who are getting divorced benefit from working with attorneys who will ensure that their interests are protected. In some cases, when attorneys fail to act with competence and protect their clients' interests, someone may receive an unnecessarily unfavorable divorce settlement.

New Jersey school district is liable for failing to stop bullying

Discrimination is illegal under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Act as well as many federal laws, including the commonly cited Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. When we discuss violations of these laws in this Civil Litigation and Appeals Blog, we are most often talking about discrimination in employment. Discrimination, however, is outlawed in a number of other venues as well. A case that just closed in New Jersey reminds us of this.

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