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February 2013 Archives

Two women accuse their attorney of botching employment lawsuit

When a lawyer neglects to meet the needs of his or her clients, the results can be legally and financially upsetting for the clients. New Jersey residents who work with attorneys expect them to protect their interests, and when they instead compromise those interests, it can be very damaging. When attorneys fail to meet the standards of practice for the profession, however, clients can fight back by pursuing a legal malpractice claim.

Trenton city council settles race discrimination case

People in New Jersey are protected from discrimination not only by federal laws, such as the Title VII Civil Rights Act, but also by state laws. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Act makes it very clear that employment discrimination is illegal. Of course, just because it is very clearly illegal does not mean that employers in New Jersey never discriminate. When they do, however, employees can hold them accountable and seek damages.

Time to reflect on the Family Medical Leave Act

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act. This federal employment law allows employees to take leaves from their jobs in the event of childbirth, the adoption of a child, a serious illness, or a serious illness of a family member. While these leaves do not have to be paid, they are job-protected meaning an employer cannot fire or otherwise retaliate against an employee who takes an FMLA leave.

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