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January 2013 Archives

New Jersey police settle with man they arrested over $129 bill

Resolving a dispute in court is a daunting matter for many residents of New Jersey. Going to court is expensive, time-consuming and there is no guarantee a judge will agree with you. This is why many people choose to resolve legal disagreements in an alternative dispute resolution setting, which can be described as a form of legal negotiations under the guidance of professionals.

Lawyer is in trouble for billing client for their affair

There are laws that govern the fees attorneys may bill clients here in New Jersey. Among these is that all fees must be reasonable, and clients are entitled to a hearing regarding the reasonableness of attorney's fees. In some cases, attorneys do wrongly bill clients--perhaps by charging exorbitant rates or double-billing. In such cases, clients may be wise to contact an attorney's fees professional.

FedEx trailer strikes pedestrian in Teterboro, New Jersey

When people are injured in car accidents in New Jersey, they may be able to hold drivers accountable for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitative costs and other related expenses. This is generally done through a personal injury lawsuit, or wrongful death lawsuit in the case of a fatality, against a negligent driver. When the negligent driver was behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, it also may be possible to hold the owner of the vehicle or the driver's employer accountable. This is often the case in truck accidents.

Was dual representation in real estate deal legal malpractice?

In many types of legal transactions here in New Jersey, it is wise for each party to enlist an attorney to protect their interests. It is generally not advisable for the different parties to work with the same attorney, as joint representation can create a conflict of interest and invite major risks.

South Bound Brook settles unpaid sick time claim with former chief

Here in New Jersey, the relationships between employers and their employees are generally governed by both contract law and state and federal law. When a legal dispute arises, it is often beneficial for both parties to resolve the matter outside of court to save time and money. However, it is often wise to do so under the guidance of an attorney who will ensure one's interests are protected. In some cases, of course, it still becomes necessary to go to trial to accomplish one's goals.

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