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December 2012 Archives

Toyota to settle lawsuit related to vehicle recalls

Toyota owners here in New Jersey have likely heard the news of the company's massive settlement that was announced earlier this week. The automaker has decided to pay more than $1 billion to end a lawsuit related to claims of unintended acceleration in its cars. If the agreement is approved, it may be the largest settlement of its kind in U.S. history.

Non-native English speakers face discrimination at work

Here in New Jersey, workers are protected against discrimination in employment under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Act as well as several federal employment laws. Unfortunately, while it is very clearly illegal for employers to discriminate or harass workers or job candidates, this does still happen in both obvious and nuanced ways.

Sandusky scandal leads to legal malpractice allegations

Legal malpractice cases here in New Jersey often involve allegations that a lawyer had a conflict of interest, missed a deadline, defrauded a client or failed to either know the law or follow the client's instructions.

Supreme Court to clear up harassment, discrimination protocol

Under both New Jersey state law and federal law, it is very clear that employment discrimination and harassment are illegal. In any shape or form--whether committed by an executive, immediate supervisor, co-worker, contractor or customer--discrimination and harassment are wrong and should not be tolerated.

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