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November 2012 Archives

Underinsured New Jersey taxis are problem in personal injury cases

When someone is injured in a car accident here in Essex County, they have a right to pursue compensation for the treatment of their injuries, lost wages and some of the other effects of the accident. This is done with a personal injury claim against a negligent driver and his or her auto insurance company.

Disputing attorneys' fees in New Jersey

Any New Jersey resident who has ever needed a lawyer knows that legal counsel comes at a cost. While lawyers' services can be expensive, it is important that people know there are laws that regulate attorneys' fees. In New Jersey, attorneys' fees must be reasonable and clients are entitled to a hearing on the reasonableness of the fees when necessary.

Appeals court: New Jersey company retaliated against worker

When someone reports the wrongdoings or illegal activity of an employer, this is typically called a whistle-blower action. Whistle-blowers are protected from being retaliated against by their employers under federal and state laws. Retaliation might include firing the worker for speaking up, demoting him or her or creating a hostile work environment.

Whistleblower says lawyers botched case, led to his prosecution

Most often when we write about legal malpractice in New Jersey, we discuss complaints that have been filed by people who believe their attorneys bungled their cases causing them to lose a legal battle. In a case that was just filed earlier this week, the complainant actually won a very large settlement in his original case--$104 million--but he still thinks his lawyers botched it.

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