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October 2012 Archives

Ocean Grove organization discriminates against lesbian couple

When people think about modern day discrimination issues here in New Jersey, they will often think of instances of employers discriminating in the workplace and in the hiring process. While it is certainly illegal for employers to discriminate against protected classes, anti-discrimination laws apply to many areas outside of employment--like housing, transportation and commerce, just to name a few.

Red Bank, New Jersey, appeals decision on gas regulators

When people in New Jersey decide to enter into civil or business litigation, it is because the matter is important and the stakes are high. Litigation can be costly and stressful, so it should generally take place only when it is not possible to resolve a dispute in mediation. Sometimes litigation is necessary to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, and in some cases when a judge does not agree with your claim, it is necessary to take the next step with an appeal.

Patent law makes for complex legal malpractice cases

Legal malpractice cases are generally taken care of in state courts, because this area of law typically falls under state law torts. However, in some cases, when the legal malpractice case stems from a case that involved federal law, the federal courts may have jurisdiction. This is a very complicated distinction, and of course it is of the utmost importance that a legal malpractice claim--or any legal claim, for that matter--is filed in the correct court.

New Jersey lawyer follows missed deadline with lies and cover-up

When people hire attorneys, they expect them to look out for their best interests. That, along with having an understanding the law and being proficient in legal processes, is what someone might expect from his or her lawyer at a bare minimum.

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