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August 2012 Archives

Garden City woman says her divorce attorney sided with her ex

Most of the legal malpractice cases we discuss in this blog involve attorneys in New Jersey or elsewhere who have been accused of making a significant mistake that impacted the outcome of a legal claim. This might be missing a deadline, insufficiently pleading or defending a case, not knowing the law or some other type of incompetence.

New Jersey janitors lose another civil appeal against Wal-Mart

Receiving an unfavorable result at trial can be very frustrating, especially if the stakes of a case are high. Luckily, the trial court's judgment is not always the last word, and filing a civil appeal often leads to a more acceptable outcome. However, civil appeals are very complicated and it is often best to go into an appeals case with a fresh perspective.

Was lawyer's copyright complaint sent to Mitt Romney plagiarized?

New Jersey residents who are following the presidential race may have heard that this week a band sent a cease-and-desist letter to Mitt Romney's campaign, telling the presidential candidate that he had no right to use their song "Panic Switch" at his campaign rallies.

Manager at major school district files sexual harassment lawsuit

One common type of employment litigation in New Jersey revolves around sexual harassment in the workplace. Many times employees who are subjected to sexual harassment or discrimination on the job can file a complaint and have the situation rectified before they become subject to a hostile working environment.

Negligence may not always equal legal malpractice

Here in New Jersey, when a lawyer fails to act with competence or neglects to uphold the standards of his or her profession, clients can sue him or her for legal malpractice. This might be the case when an attorney acts fraudulently, fails to follow the client's instructions or misses a vital deadline, for example. In these cases, clients can often recover financial damages.

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