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June 2012 Archives

Did Ann Curry get a fair severance package?

Anny Curry has officially been relieved of her duties as co-host on NBC's "Today" as of yesterday. Curry, who had been hosting the show beside Matt Lauer for only about a year, reportedly lost her job because the show's ratings are shrinking for the first time in 16 years.

Actor says lawyer had him sign prenup before reading it

New Jersey residents might remember the actor Tom Berenger from his roles in "Platoon" and "Major League." These days, the actor is playing a real life role in a courtroom drama about a man who believes his lawyer misguided him into signing an unfavorable prenuptial agreement.

Was NJ whistleblower fired for questioning beer stein origin?

New Jersey employers are protected from wrongful termination under the state's whistleblower statutes among other employment laws. When an employee exposes any policy, activity or practice of the employer that violates a law or threatens public safety or welfare, he or she cannot be fired for doing this.

Ponzi scheme and legal malpractice go hand-in-hand in suit

When we write about legal malpractice in our Newark Litigation and Appeals Law Blog, common themes are missed deadlines, failure to know the law and failure to follow clients' instructions. That is because, in general, when an attorney fails to protect his or her client's legal interests, it is because of incompetence rather than an actual intent to hurt the client.

New Jersey infant sicken by dog food spurs federal lawsuit

A New Jersey infant was among at least 14 people, in nine states and Canada, who became ill after coming into contact with dog food recently. The 2-month-old child reportedly became very ill in April and spent several days hospitalized after coming into contact with a certain brand of dog food. The boy was diagnosed with salmonella.

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