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May 2012 Archives

3 fired administrators sue school district, mayor and lawyer

Legal malpractice is a frequent theme in our Newark Litigation and Appeals Law Blog. This is because when people hire an attorney to protect their interests, they rightfully expect that the attorney will be competent and uphold the standards of the profession. From time to time, an attorney fails to meet these standards, and his or her client then has the right to hold that attorney accountable.

Yahoo's chief executive under microscope for resume discrepancies

Falsifying anything on legal documents is never a good idea, but when you've been accused of falsifying your resume, it could come back to haunt you. Last week Yahoo's chief executive officer Scott Thompson was accused of adding a degree to his credentials and several board members are recommending that he should be fired. Thompson has denied any wrongdoing.

Attorney faces three legal malpractice lawsuits after missing deadlines

When New Jersey residents are involved in legal disputes, they generally hire attorneys. While in the U.S. a citizen may represent him or herself in a legal matter, people generally put their trust into professionals to guide them through such matters. Both New Jersey and federal statutes are complex, and rules and regulations regarding court deadlines and procedures are ever changing--so, an attorney's job is to remain competent and abreast of all of these elements on your behalf.

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