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April 2012 Archives

Discriminatory epithets not tolerated at work

A New Jersey man won an appeal that will expand the definition of our state's anti-discrimination laws. The appeals court said he can sue his former employer over anti-Semitic slurs, even though he is not Jewish. He says he endured the remarks for more than a year at his job in Sussex County and they created a hostile work environment.

Court says contract means cardiologist can't sue employer

Many New Jersey residents are likely aware of the case involving a Maryland cardiologist who allegedly implanted unnecessary stents in as many as 369 patients. Many of the lawsuits involving these allegations are ongoing, but the doctor, Mark Midei, has lost his employment and his license to practice medicine in the meantime.

New York immigration lawyer gets $1 million malpractice penalty

A Morningside Heights, New York, immigration attorney has been ordered to pay $1 million dollars in civil penalties after being accused of botching an immigration case. The man's client, a Venezuelan native, was reportedly left in immigration detention for more than one year as the case played out.

NJ employers can't press charges if you check Facebook at work

Not too long ago we discussed how Facebook and other digital media entities relate to New Jersey employment law. That blog post went over whether or not Newark employers have the right to demand Facebook passwords from employees or job candidates. The intersection of technology and employment law was in the news again this week when a U.S. appeals court handed down a very interesting ruling.

Attorney accused of defrauding New Jersey homeowners and others

In the wake of the housing bubble collapse, several lawsuits have been filed in regard to abusive mortgage modifications, predatory lending and illegal foreclosure practices. Most of these defendants are larger banks and lenders, but recently such a suit was filed against a single attorney.

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