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October 2011 Archives

Settlement reached in age discrimination lawsuit

In this day and age, obtaining gainful employment in New Jersey is getting tougher by the minute. Unfortunately, keeping gainful employment in New Jersey is equally tough, particularly if you are facing age discrimination in a place of employment. Such is the case for a former New Jersey lifeguard who has now received a $50,000 settlement in an age discrimination case.

Judge tosses complaint against police chief

A New Jersey Superior Court judge, citing a 2008 New Jersey Supreme Court decision, recently held that "allegations of indifference" were not enough on their own to prove a supervisor's liability for creating a hostile work environment under New Jersey laws against discrimination.

Former CFO says she was fired after taking leave for cancer treatment

Employees in New Jersey and throughout the country are protected under federal and state laws in order to prevent their rights from being violated in the workplace. When these rights are violated, individuals often experience undue emotional and financial hardship.

Gender discrimination, sexual harassment brings lawsuit

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination can affect anyone, regardless of gender, in New Jersey and all across the country. In a recent court filing in Galveston, Texas, a woman filed suit alleging her supervisor had brought about a wrongful termination because she reported incidents of harassment to her corporate office.

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