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June 2011 Archives

Ethnic and race discrimination lawsuit filed in New Jersey

Discrimination is a sad fact of life. Unfortunately, it can lead to hardship both socially and professionally. A New Jersey man recently filed a lawsuit against his place of employment over alleged race discrimination from his coworkers.

Sexual harassment case prompts legislation change

Sexual harassment is a real problem in the workplace. It can take many forms, from unwanted advances to inappropriate touching to even criminal activity. Sometimes sexual harassment is so pervasive that it creates a abusive and hostile work environment for the employee. Two New Jersey women who work in an industry where workers are at high risk for sexual harassment -- hotel work -- spoke out recently about the abuse they have suffered while on the job.

New Jersey woman sues for sexual harassment, race discrimination

An employee of one New Jersey township is suing her employer for sexual harassment and racial slurs she says she endured from both her supervisors and co-workers. The woman, who is black, has worked for the township in their park system for approximately four years.

New Jersey health officer sues for wrongful termination

Being fired from your job can be very overwhelming. Having suddenly lost your source of income, you and your family may be facing difficult financial times. You may also feel that your termination was unjustified. Whether you think your employer fired you because of your race or gender, or because he or she did not agree with your ideas, you may have a case for wrongful termination. Recently, a former New Jersey health officer filed a lawsuit against his former employer, alleging that he was a victim of wrongful termination.

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